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Illusion Mage Review: 3D Animation Software

The following is an Illusion Mage review.  You can skip over our Illusion Mage review and go straight to the official product website by clicking here.

These days, we’re seeing less and less animation and more 3D style movies on the big screen.  Credit companies like Pixar and Dreamworks for completely changing the way our kids will think of “cartoons”!

Regardless, the 3D animation industry is bustling and it’s an exciting skill to have under your belt.  If you’ve been looking for a great 3D imaging software, then maybe you’ve heard about Illusion Mage.  This software’s been getting some solid reviews, so we decided to write up an Illusion Mage review to see what the hype’s all about.

Illusion Mage homepage.

Let’s get this out of the way, if you’re trying to find out if there’s an Illusion Mage scam, we’ll safely let you know that’s not the case.   This is a legit system, and one that can give any artist a digital canvas to learn with or get creative.   The software also comes with a money back guarantee for 60 days, so you can try it out risk-free. Enough said.

So who’s behind this thing?  This software was developed by Seth Avery, who’s put together quite the impressive tool here.  We’ve worked with other 3D animation tools in the past, and this one ranks right up there.  From a value standpoint, it’s a great deal, and much cheaper than most of the other options out there.  The software also comes with an in depth tutorial, making it a great option for anyone new to 3D animation.

Check out the interface here.

We hope you found our Illusion Mage review helpful.  Seth Avery really has created a great tool for users of all experience levels, and one that can help anyone express their artistic ability in a new way.

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